Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cassandra Explorer - GUI for Cassandra

Please go to following url for the newest version.

WSO2 products can manage a Cassandra Cluster using Cassandra feature.[1]  (No need to follow the instructions to setup cassandra I have added a pre installed version [2])
If you have a Cassandra cluster i am sure you have the problem of viewing the data instantly. Cassandra CLI is one of the tools but it would be easier if it has a nice UI and would more convenient for administrators. Cassandra Explore has been developed to make the things easier for Cassandra users.

Download the Cassandra Feature pre installed WSO2 Carbon Server. [2] . (Until we officially release Cassandra Explorer with Cassandra feature lets use this.)

Extract the downloaded product and lets refer extracted folder as CARBON_HOME.

You have two different options with Cassandra feature.

1. Use internal Cassandra Server .

In this it will start internal Cassandra Server and you can use it to store data.

2. User External Cassandra Cluster.

This option if you already have setup your Cassandra Cluster and you need to view data. You need to
add your Cassandra Clusters details in CARBON_HOME/repository/conf/etc/cassandra-component.xml

Starting Carbon Server

1) If you need to use internal server. go to CARBON_HOME/bin and run sh (linux) or

 If you need to connect to an external cassandra cluster you need to run same with following parameter

sh -Ddisable.cassandra.server.startup=true

and log in with default username and password (admin, admin)

List Key Spaces.

Click Cassandra Keyspaces ---> List to list down keyspaces.

Select a Key Space

Select a keyspace from available keyspaces.

Select a Column Family to Explore Data.

Click on Explore icon to view data in a Column Family.

View Data on Column Family.

This will display rows and columns in the Column Family. In a Row you can paginate through Columns. If you need to retrieve a key quickly enter your row ID and click explore row.

View data on a Row

Click on a row link to view data.

You can search  a Name or Value through search Box and will update the results as you type.




  1. Hi !

    I'm very interested by your tool but I can't figure out to make it work.

    I'm trying to connect to a remote server.
    I've changed values in cassandra-component.xml and cassandra-endpoint.xml in repository/conf/etc but it seems that it always tries to connect to localhost.
    Is there something else to do ? An other file to edit ?

    Here is the logs :

    [2012-06-05 18:06:40,447] INFO {me.prettyprint.cassandra.connection.CassandraHostRetryService} - Not checking that localhost( is a member of the ring since there are no live hosts
    [2012-06-05 18:06:40,448] WARN {me.prettyprint.cassandra.connection.CassandraHostRetryService} - Downed localhost( host still appears to be down: Unable to open transport to localhost( , Connection refused
    [2012-06-05 18:06:40,448] INFO {me.prettyprint.cassandra.connection.CassandraHostRetryService} - Downed Host retry status false with host: localhost(

    Thanks for your help !

    1. Hi Clement,

      Thanks for the feedback.Yes I found that there were some problems when connecting to a remote server.This was initially developed to browse the in built Cassandra Server (Did some rapid changes to make this available to all the Cassandra Users). This is being actively developed so we are planning to release a new version in coming weeks which will address all those remote connection issues.In that you can switch to any new Cassandra Server without restarting and all the configurations can be done through UI.

    2. Hi,

      so I'll wait for the next release !
      Thanks for your quick answer.

    3. Hi,
      You can try the new version here.


  2. Hi, I download and install BAM 2.4.1, and it cannot browse the data, even I can see the keyspace, column family, etc...
    The screenshot (in diagram 3/5) doesn't have "Explore" and "Share". Any idea?

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