Friday, October 3, 2014

Castle of the Moors(Castelo dos Mouros) - Hill top Medieval Castle

This is another weekend trip as last one. It seems there are plenty of places to be covered in Portugal which is an amazing country with lots of beautiful people and places.

So all the EMDC students got together for a weekend out. We decided to pay a visit to Sintra without knowing what exactly we would we be going to explore or it would offer. We knew that it had lots of attractions and that was all what we needed to know.

 You can reach there using viva gem card which is valid for Metro and train (My previous blog post explains about it) . We travelled from Alameda to Rossio Metro station and then changed into the train to Sintra. It took around 1 hour to reach there and it was a different city with mountains all around and more green sights. You can see lots of tourists visiting there too.

We thought of going to the Castle of the Moors and then visit other places after that. But we had marginal time even to return. That place was amazing and a worth place to kill your time in the weekend. It took around 2 hours or more to go to the top. We hiked on our own and if you are bit lazy
you can get a Hop on Hop off bus. To be frank we thought that option better too had we known that earlier :). But you will burn some calories (a lot i would say while enjoying the nature) so it is okay if you are settled for it.

There are two castles on the top and one of them was closed (It closes around 4.30 pm after summer) so we had to choose Castle of the Moors which closes at 8.00pm. You need to pay Euro 7.50 per person for the entry ticket. This place was amazing and well maintained. Below pics will proof that to you for sure. You can enjoy a breath taking view from top of the Castle. And this castle was a Medieval Castle which built couple of centuries ago during 8th/9th Century. So it was pretty old one which poses a great historical value too.

On our way back six of us got into two groups due to bad timing and three of us almost lost on the way. Luckily we had Google maps and found a way to Sintra Train station. Luckily
That path was much shorter but steeper than the path we climbed. Ask Google the path he will tell you obviously :).

Enjoy my pics.


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